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Vintage Moroccan Gallery Rug

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Vintage Moroccan Kilim long and narrow "Gallery Rug", vertical hand loomed like a tapestry with complex zig zag geometric motif in vivid primary and secondary colors of red, orange, blue, and green. 

A Kilim, a word of Turkish origins, originates from the Persian "gelim" meaning to spread roughly. Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven textile or rug traditionally woven in areas that include Turkey , the former Persian Empire, North Africa, the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Turkic countries of Central Asia and China. Kilim weaves are tapestry weaves made on a loom by interweaving the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) yarns of the weave to produce a flat surface known as a flatweave. Weavers pack the weft yarns tightly to cover the warp and favor diagonal patterns to avoid weakening the structure of the rug creating bold, sharp patterns typically geometric designs, yet, there are floral design Kilims. This weaving technique produces a smooth Kilim that is often reversible having the same pattern on both sides. Some motifs are derived from symbols each with many variations. Female figure, eye, amulet, bird, the star or Solomon's seal, Yin/Yang are some symbols expressing fertility, the evil eye, protection, good luck, happiness, and love. 

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  •  5'3" x 10'